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  • 05/29/2020 3:46 PM | Anonymous

    Take the 2020 Census | U.S. Census Bureau

    The pandemic COVID-19 disease has disrupted many aspects of our daily lives. It has also disrupted the 2020 US Census survey due to social distancing and safer-at-home mandates. Still, the Census is a very IMPORTANT civic duty that benefits all citizens in the form of services and federal funding.

    It is easy to complete online if you did not or have not completed and mailed in a paper survey. Click the link below to stand up and be COUNTED in the 2020 US Census. Be safe to be well out there!

  • 05/27/2020 5:00 PM | Anonymous

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting more hurricanes in 2020 than during an average season. As the nation continues to grapple with the impact of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, there is still the need to prepare for the forces of nature from the June 1 to November 30, the Atlantic hurricane season.

    Follow the links below for preparedness information from the County. Be safe and be ready... just in case!  

    Find Your Evacuation Zone and much more here:

    Use this County-approved preparedness checklist to be ready:

  • 05/12/2020 4:59 PM | Anonymous

    Effective Immediately, please update your contacts to reflect our new physical mailing address. 

    Free Mail Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...

    Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association

    1750 16th Street South, #35371

    Saint Petersburg, FL 33705-9998

  • 05/12/2020 1:23 PM | Anonymous

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency maintains a list of disinfectants for use on various surfaces. Known as List-N, these lab tested products offer sanitizing solutions that are effective against the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease. This information can be especially helpful when commonly used sanitizing solutions like bleach and spray-on disinfectants are in short supply. Follow the link to search the complete list. Be safe to be well out there!

  • 05/07/2020 5:19 PM | Anonymous

    Businesses and individuals adversely impacted by the pandemic SARS-coV-2 novel coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, are encouraged to explore a suite of financial relief programs at the federal, state and local level.

    Some of these programs may be fluid; therefore the links provided below are directly to the funding authority for the latest and most robust program information to date.

    Here are links to several potentially invaluable resources, with the newest being to a program from Pinellas County Government.

    Federal Government CARES Act: Stimulus Checks and Payroll Protection Program…/assistance-for-american-workers……/cares/assistance-for-small-busi…

    Saint Petersburg ‘Fighting Chance’ Grant Initiative for both Qualifying Small Business Operations and Individuals

    Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) by US Small Business Association for Eligible Small Business Operations…/economic-injury-disaster-loan-emergen…

    Pinellas County Government Grants for both Qualifying Small Business Operations and Individuals as Enabled by the Federal Government CARES Act…/pinellas-cares-fund-for-in…/

  • 04/16/2020 5:17 PM | Anonymous

    In this time of massive layoffs and furloughs, many families and individuals are facing tremendous stress to make ends meet for the basics. Here are two programs that can help make a difference in someones life, either through donating funds or seeking relief through self-help programs. 


    The City of Saint Petersburg offers a program for charitable-minded individuals to contribute to a social fund that supports less fortunate residents with their utility bill. This program is funded by donations. In addition to one-time or recurring donations,  residents can opt in to the 'Round-Up' giving option by voluntarily allowing the City to round up monthly utility bills to the next whole dollar, a maximum of 0.99 cents monthly or $12.00 annually. Interested citizens can sign up via this link.


    Residents who wish to give to Duke Energy's Neighbor Fund that helps struggling families and individuals during the winter season are encouraged to do so via their website link below. 

    Residents who need energy bill payment assistance may find help via Duke's various self-help customer service programs on their website link below.

  • 04/14/2020 5:40 PM | Anonymous

    SUMMARY: COVID-19 and the City

    (You can watch the full video right here on our website HOME page. Look for the Facebook feed)

    Coming this week, in support of social distancing, widely believed to be a key COVID-19 mitigation strategy, Mayor Kriseman announced today that tennis courts, pickleball courts, skate parks and dog parks will close. The implementation of a curfew is NOT on the table at this time.

    Since Deputy Mayor and City Administrator Dr. Kanika Tomalin announced on April 3, 2020, the city's 'Fighting Chance Fund,' created to offset financial losses by local small businesses and eligible employees, Mayor Kriseman reported that they have processed 1,800 business and individual grants totaling $77,000 to date. Kriseman advised that funds are still available and encouraged eligible businesses and individuals to keep applying. Go here to apply:

    Additionally, The mayor advised that there will be a second phase of the Grant which has been expanded to be more inclusive.Go here for details:…/67-b99b53c6-4d6f-4184-9ad9-f85d93eda…

  • 04/08/2020 6:12 PM | Anonymous

    Follow this link for OFFICIAL information direct from the IRS regarding the stimulus checks (Economic Impact Payment) approved by Congress as a result of the novel corona virus, COVID-19. Be careful out there and be well!

  • 04/07/2020 6:07 PM | Anonymous

    The State of Florida’s online unemployment insurance portal has faced crippling challenges due to unprecedented applicant filing. The trouble has been compounded by systematic problems that have reportedly been addressed by adding 72 additional servers and connecting a previously unconnected redundant system.

    Florida faces a huge backlog after receiving 520,000 applications since March 15 alone. Governor DeSantis stated on Monday, 3.6.2020, that added human resources and system fixes will enable processing 80,000 applications per week. DeSantis announced Tuesday, March 7, the Department added 50 more unemployment center call takers and more are in the pipeline. DeSantis must direct whether claims will be paid retroactively, a policy that would be not only fair, but humane in this time of massive financial challenges, personal and businesses, created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    For those who do not have access to a printer to get a paper application (link is included below for your convenience), they are available at FedEx locations in Florida free of charge, to include free mailing to Tallahasse.

    Also important to know is that the federal COVID-19 stimulus package, the CARES Act, includes extended unemployment benefits that include an additional $600 weekly payment above the State of Florida benefit for which the applicant is qualified. The max Florida weekly benefit is $275. The $600 additional payments are federally funded through July 31, 2020, unless extended.

    Further, as never done before, the CARES Act extends unemployment aid to workers typically excluded:

    ‘Notably, the legislation provides income support to many workers who are typically shut out of their state UI systems, including self-employed workers, independent contractors, freelancers, part-time workers and those with insufficient work histories to qualify for state UI benefits.

    Furloughed employees and anyone who can't report to work because the worksite has been ordered closed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak will be covered under the expansion.’(, Apr 3, 2020)

    Stay safe to stay well out there. Your GPPCA is in this with you!…/r…/claimants/rapaperapplication

  • 04/01/2020 11:35 AM | Anonymous

    The attached notice will be delivered to residents directly impacted by the installation of a 12" water main along 31st Street South to Pinellas Point Drive South. Pinellas Point residents who routinely use these two major roads into and out of the neighborhood may want to use an alternate route as there will be some disruptions to traffic flow up to January 2021. 

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