Greater Pinellas Point Civic assocation

Officers (As of September 1, 2018)

  • President: Barbara Ellis
  • Vice-President: Steve Springman
Secretary: Tom Lally (CONA Adjunct)
  • Treasurer: Barry Robinson  (Chair: Membership/Finance/Communications Team)

Board of Directors

  • Franklin Alves (Membership/Finance/Communications Team)
  • Ronald Borsellino
  • Roger Dohren
  • Kevin Duffy (Fundraising and Membership Sub-Committee)
  • Barbara Hawkins
  • Elizabeth Ledbetter (Fundraising and Membership Sub-Committee) 
  • Sandra Robinson
  • Danny White  (Membership/Finance/Communications Team/Fundraising and Membership Sub-Committee)
  • Steve Waters (Codes Compliance)

  • Lionel Roberts, Director Emeritus

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