Greater Pinellas Point Civic assocation

Upcoming events

    • 05/28/2024
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Lake Vista Rec Center

    Please join us for our May meeting!

     This is our last meeting before we break for the summer and resume in August.

    This meeting will include GPPCA updates and the neighborhood report from our Community Service Officer Timothy Reyes.

    We will also be voting on the proposed amendments to our bylaws.  

    Doors open with light refreshments at 6:30 pm

    Meeting from 7:00-8:00pm

    Lake Vista Recreation Center

    We hope to see you there!!

Past events

04/30/2024 Monthly Meeting
03/26/2024 Monthly Meeting
02/27/2024 General Meeting
01/30/2024 Cookies and Coffee with GPPCA
11/28/2023 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
10/24/2023 GPPCA Community Night
09/26/2023 GPPCA General Community Meeting
09/23/2023 GPPCA Fall Market
09/23/2023 GPPCA Fall Market Vendor Registration
07/15/2023 Electronics Recycling Drop Off, July 15
07/15/2023 GPPCA Summer Market
07/15/2023 GPPCA Summer Market Vendor Registration
06/27/2023 GPPCA Community Night
05/23/2023 GPPCA Community Night
04/25/2023 GPPCA Community Night
04/01/2023 GPPCA Spring Market Vendor Registration
04/01/2023 Greater Pinellas Point Spring Market
03/28/2023 GPPCA Community Night
03/25/2023 GPPCA Community Yard Sale
02/28/2023 GPPCA Community Night
01/24/2023 GPPCA Community Meeting Night
12/03/2022 GPPCA Winter Market
12/03/2022 GPPCA Winter Market Vendor Registration
10/31/2022 Trunk or Treat at Lake Vista Recreation Center
10/25/2022 GPPCA Community Night for October 2022
09/23/2022 Family Fitness and Movie Night @ Lake Vista
08/30/2022 Monthly Community Night
07/26/2022 GPPCA Community Night
06/28/2022 GPPCA Community Night
05/24/2022 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
04/26/2022 GPPCA General Membership Monthly Meeting
03/22/2022 GPPCA General Membership Monthly & Special Meeting
02/22/2022 GPPCA General Monthly Meeting
01/25/2022 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
12/18/2021 GPPCA Community Picnic
10/26/2021 General Membership Meeting (Virtual, Oct 26)
09/28/2021 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
08/09/2021 Get a Shot, Get Two $10 Food Vouchers!
06/09/2021 Coquina Key Plaza Developer Community Meetings
05/26/2021 Coquina Key Plaza Developer Community Meetings
05/25/2021 GPPCA Elections and General Membership Meeting 5.25.2021
04/27/2021 GPPCA General Membership Meeting 4.27.2021
03/23/2021 GPPCA General Membership Meeting 3.23.2021
02/04/2021 (copy) GPPCA General Membership Meeting 1.26.2021
01/26/2021 GPPCA General Membership Meeting 1.26.2021
11/24/2020 VIRTUAL General Membership Meeting, Nov 24, 2020
10/27/2020 VIRTUAL General Membership Meeting
05/26/2020 POSTPONED: GPPCA General Membership Meeting
04/28/2020 CANCELLED: GPPCA General Membership Meeting Apr 28
03/24/2020 CANCELLED: GPPCA March 2020 General Membership Meeting
02/25/2020 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
02/14/2020 Acoustic Sunset
01/28/2020 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
01/25/2020 Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) 2020 Goals Public Workshop
12/19/2019 Lateral Line Replacement Pilot and Program Public Meeting
12/08/2019 GPPCA Annual Holiday Party 2019
11/26/2019 There will be NO GPPCA General Membership Meeting - November 2019
11/23/2019 Bay Vista Artist Showcase and Yard Sale
11/02/2019 Skyway Marina District Block Party
10/26/2019 Healthy St. Pete's LaBlast Dance Fitness
10/22/2019 GPPCA General Membership Meeting - October 2019
10/22/2019 Rain Barrel Information and Distribution Session
09/30/2019 Park, Walk and Talk: St. Petersburg Police Community Engagement
09/28/2019 Healthy St. Pete's LaBlast Dance Fitness
09/24/2019 GPPCA General Membership Meeting - September 2019
09/21/2019 Free Museum Day Saint Petersburg
09/20/2019 Skyway Marina District Cornhole Tournament
09/19/2019 City of Saint Petersburg Stormwater Rate Change PUBLIC FORUM
09/18/2019 Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) City Council Candidate Forum
08/27/2019 Lakewood High Marching Spartans Fund Raiser at 780 4th St N Chipolte
08/24/2019 Healthy St. Pete's LaBlast Dance Fitness
08/10/2019 GPPCA Annual Youth Summit
07/09/2019 District 5 City Council Candidate Forum
05/28/2019 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
04/28/2019 St. Anthony's Annual Triathlon 2019
04/27/2019 St. Pete Green Thumb Festival 2019
04/23/2019 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
04/06/2019 Healthy St. Pete's FREE Yoga in the Park!
04/04/2019 Lakewood High Presents 'The Little Mermaid'
04/04/2019 34th St South Lane Repurposing Public Open House
03/30/2019 GPPCA at the Trop!
03/30/2019 Sensible Sprinkling Field Day
03/26/2019 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
03/23/2019 Tiny Homes Show
02/26/2019 General Membership Meeting 2.26.19
02/12/2019 Skyway Plaza Revitalization Forum
01/22/2019 GPPCA General Membership Meeting
12/16/2018 GPPCA Annual Holiday Party
11/16/2018 Massive Cheese Festival Saint Pete!
11/03/2018 Food Truck Rally Nov 2018
10/31/2018 Lake Vista Trunk-a-Treat in Greater Pinellas Point
10/20/2018 Circus McGurkis 2018
09/26/2018 Sur Club Project Update
09/21/2018 St. Pete Asian Street Food Festival
08/23/2018 Public Hearing: Utility Rate Hike
07/21/2018 GPPCA Youth Summit 2018
06/09/2018 Food Truck Rally
05/14/2018 2019 City Budget Planning Public Forum
05/06/2018 Volunteer Opportunities for Skyway Marina May Day Race
04/28/2018 Volunteer Opportunities for Green Thumb/Arbor Fest
04/21/2018 Volunteer Opportunities for Mainsail Arts Festival
12/10/2017 GPPCA Annual Holiday Party 2017
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