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GPPCA Board Member Partipates In CONA Leadership Course

03/08/2019 2:46 PM | Anonymous

Mr. Stephen Waters 

As part of the Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) Leadership program, participants are exposed to a host of City Government offices, leaders, and official proceedings as they learn about our city and what makes is tick. GPPCA Board Member Stephen Waters is currently participating in this invaluable program and compiled these notes from a recent CONA session. These notes are an example of how GPPCA benefits from not only his involvement as a 'student' but how the Association broadens its civic outreach beyond the neighborhood.  


ST. PETE EARTH DAY:  Lucinda Johnson, Executive Director provided details. Will take place at Williams Park on April 13, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Space will be available for appropriate vendors. Boyd Hill will have presentations regarding local wild animals (possum, coyote, etc.). There will be art, food, vendors and a tree and plant giveaway. Go to its Web site for vendor info, a vendor application and for a list of exhibitors (

COMMITTEE UPDATES: There were brief committee updates. Leadership - completred 5th class with 39 students. Four new neighborhoods have joined CONA. Codes - Met with City Codes staff and updates and info available on the Web site ( although nothing is yet posted. Multi-Modal Transportation - Tom Lally is Chairman and reported that the Committee has 10 members and had its first meeting preceding the CONA meeting to set goals.

COMPLETE STREETS: There was a PowerPoint update on the progress and status of Complete Streets from Evan Mory (Director, Transportation and Parking Management) and Cheryl Stacks (Manager, Transportation) with a summary from Alan DeLisle (City Development Administrator). Preliminary data shows that on MLK southbound traffic is slightly increased even though it was anticipated that the lane reduction would also reduce traffic. Southbound average speeds have been reduced to near the speed limit of 35 mpg, but northbound average speed remains unchanged at 41 mph. Biggest problem is St. Pete pedestrian deaths, which are the 9th worst in the country. Widening the bike lanes have reduced fatalities by slowing traffic even though there are more cars. Alan DeLisle pointed out that the goal is Aplacemaking@ to attract business by lifestyle and environment improvement. MLK crosswalks are still under construction but should be complete soon.

PRESIDENT’S UPDATE: CONA President set a goal of visiting all association meetings (2/month). There will be a CONA table at Earth Day. Shopapalooza will be November 30 through December 1, 2019, at Vinoy Park. For vendor applications see the Web site ( Chili cook off being put on by Grand Central District with several associations competing. The Doc Webb home is being proposed for historical designation to avoid destruction and development into four or five homes (See attached). Driftwood is also being proposed for historic designation. 

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