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GPPCA Summer Market Vendor Registration

  • 07/15/2023
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Sunshine Skyway Plaza, 1079 62nd Avenue South


  • Informational purposes only. No sales permitted.
  • Any vendor who will be selling items.

Registration is closed

Vendors, do you need a place to vend your wares on a beautiful summer day? Well, we have a market for you! Register for a single day, summer market in the heart of the Greater Pinellas Point area.  Sell your handmade arts & crafts, your specialty products, your baked/fried/grilled specialties.  Live entertainment will be provided, so hurry and reserve your booth!

Marketing flyer found here:  GPPCA Summer Market Flyer 2023.pdf

Rules and Terms:

By submitting this agreement for the Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association’s Seasonal Market, the undersigned vendor (“Vendor”) agrees to be bound by each and every term set forth herein and the terms and representations set forth in the Application, which is incorporated herein by reference as though fully set forth. If the Vendor violates any term of this agreement and/or the authorized person or designee ("POD") of Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association (“GPPCA”) may within their sole discretion and at any time (1) terminate this agreement, (2) require Vendor, immediately upon notice of violation of this agreement, to cease operations and vacate the premises, and (3) forfeit any and all fees paid for the right and privilege of participating in GPPCA’s Seasonal Market. This agreement represents the entire agreement between GPPCA and the Vendor and may not be amended without the mutual consent of both parties set forth in writing and signed by authorized POD of GPPCA and the Vendor.

1. GPPCA agrees to provide each Vendor with one assigned space(s).

2. Vendor agrees to obey all rules and instructions as directed by the authorized POD of GPPCA. Any failure to strictly adhere to such rules or instructions may result in the immediate termination of this agreement and immediate forfeiture of any and all fees paid.

3. Vendor hereby acknowledges its liability, and agrees to compensate GPPCA, for any damage(s) caused by, including but not limited to, its representatives, agents, employees, volunteers, members, vehicles, equipment, materials and objects to the environs and infrastructure of the Sunshine Skyway Plaza.

4. As a courtesy to other vendors and participants, any amplified sound or loud noise from Vendor’s space is prohibited.

5. Only GPPCA and those individuals or groups which have registered as Food Vendors to the Seasonal Market shall be permitted to serve, sell, or in any way provide beverages (including water) or food in any booth. Violation of this provision and/or any portion of the health code are grounds for immediate expulsion from the grounds.

6. GPPCA reserves the right to prohibit, within any booth or on the festival grounds, the display, advertisement, or other promotion of any business, company, or organization which may be in conflict with a current Market sponsor. Any questions concerning current sponsors should be directed to the authorized POD prior to the event.

7. Vendor shall not display, offer for view or sale any illegal or contraband items, or any alcoholic beverage.

8. Vendor acknowledges and understands that it is solely responsible for the collection of any sales or use taxes and shall in no way hold GPPCA or its authorized POD responsible for any type of permits other than for the event itself.

9. Vendor is solely responsible for the security for all its items at the event location at all times.

10. GPPCA makes no representations or guarantees regarding actual event attendance.

11. Vendor understands that GPPCA has no control over weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or governmental intervention, or any other cause that may prevent, and or interrupt, the event, and participants shall hold GPPCA harmless for any losses that could arise because of such event.

12. GPPCA reserves the right to place Vendors in booth locations at its complete discretion.  GPPCA shall have sole and complete authority to place the participant in any location contained at the event, irrespective of the participant’s request.

13. Vendor upon vacating its space(s) shall ensure that such space shall be free of any and all trash and refuse with such being placed in the appropriate containers. Failure of the Vendor to clean their space may result in future refusal of Vendor application.

14. Vendor certifies that it maintains adequate liability insurance to cover any and all occurrences which may result in the damage or injury to any person or thing within the confines of the Vendor’s space or as a result of the Vendor’s actions at the festival.

15. Vendor will indemnify and hold harmless GPPCA from any and all claims, actions, judgments, including all costs of defense and attorney’s fees incurred in defending against same, arising from and related to the Vendor's participation in the Seasonal Market.

16. GPPCA's Seasonal Market shall consist of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Markets with individual registration events and participation fees.

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